How Strong is Spider-Man?

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Spider-Man is one of the most popular and powerful superheroes in the Marvel universe. His incredible strength allows him to perform amazing feats and take on some of the most powerful villains. But just how strong is Spider-Man? Let’s take a look at Spider-Man’s superhuman abilities and examine how much weight he can lift.

How Strong is Spider-Man?

How Much Can Spider-Man Lift?

Spider-Man possesses superhuman strength as a result of being bitten by a radioactive spider. He is capable of lifting and throwing objects several times his own body weight. Though his exact weight limit has never been precisely pinpointed, here are some estimates of Spider-Man’s strength levels:

  • Spider-Man is generally depicted as being able to lift 10 to 15 tons. This is roughly equivalent to lifting a medium-sized truck off the ground.
  • In the original Spider-Man comics, Peter Parker could lift 3 tons when he first gained his powers. His strength has increased over time with experience.
  • During the Secret Wars storyline, Spider-Man was shown to be able to lift over 20 tons when wearing the alien symbiote suit.
  • In one comic, Spider-Man supported the weight of a collapsed building long enough for victims to escape. This was estimated to be over 100 tons of weight.
How Strong is Spider-Man?

In summary, Spider-Man is typically shown to have a weight lifting capacity of 10 to 15 tons under normal conditions. When enhanced by outside factors or in moments of extreme duress, he has been known to lift many times that amount.

Why Is Spider-Man So Strong?

There are a few key reasons why Spider-Man possesses such incredible super-strength:

  • Spider Physiology: When Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, his physiology changed to take on many attributes of a spider. This included developing superhuman strength proportional to that of a spider. Spiders are able to lift many times their own body weight due to their muscular legs and small size.
  • Psionic Webbing: Spider-Man’s webbing augments his strength. The webbing adheres to surfaces with the strength of steel cables but is incredibly lightweight. This allows Spider-Man to utilize the webbing to lift or move objects he normally could not.
  • Experience Training: Originally Spider-Man could only lift about 10 tons. But through intense physical training and years of experience using his powers, his strength has increased substantially, reflecting the growth and maturity of Peter Parker’s age over time. This demonstrates the importance of honing his abilities.
  • Necessity: When innocents are in danger, Spider-Man is often able to push his abilities to the limit and lift things he normally couldn’t. His determination and heroic nature allow him to summon strength in dire situations.
How Strong is Spider-Man?

Spider-Man’s tremendous strength comes from a combination of his unique physiology, tools, dedication to training, and sheer force of will when lives are on the line. These assets combined make him one of the strongest heroes around.

How Does Spider-Man’s Strength Compare to Other Superheroes?

Spider-Man is certainly one of the strongest heroes in Marvel comics, but he is far from the only super-strong hero around. Here’s how Spidey’s strength stacks up against some other powerhouses:

  • Captain America: With his super-soldier serum, Cap can lift/move up to 1,200 pounds. He’s strong but Spider-Man outmatches him by many tons.
  • Hulk: The madder Hulk gets, the stronger he becomes. His upper limits are essentially limitless. Hulk is much stronger than Spider-Man, even able to lift mountains.
  • Thor: The Norse God of Thunder can press over 100 tons thanks to his Asgardian physiology. Spider-Man is stronger than Thor’s human form but not as strong as full powered Thor.
  • Thing: The Thing’s craggy rock body boosts his strength to around 10 tons, similar to Spider-Man. The two are portrayed as rough equals in strength.
  • Iron Man: With his suit, Iron Man can lift about 100 tons. Spider-Man cannot match the sheer strength of Iron Man’s suits and mechanical muscles.

While Spider-Man is clearly one of the strongest heroes around, he is outmatched by cosmic-powered heroes like Thor and Hulk or tech-based heroes like Iron Man. But his proportional spider-strength still gives him an edge over many street-level heroes.

What Are Some of Spider-Man’s Best Strength Feats?

Over decades of comics, TV shows, and movies, Spider-Man has showcased his incredible strength with these memorable feats:

  • Spider man Catching a falling airplane and guiding it to safety. Airliners can weigh from 100 to over 400 tons when loaded.
  • Holding up the Daily Bugle building after explosions rocked the foundation. This required supporting thousands of tons of falling debris.
  • Stopping a high-speed train in motion by planting his feet on the track and grabbing the engine.
  • Briefly trapping the Hulk in a giant web cocoon, despite Hulk’s limitless strength. This required immense web tensile strength.
  • Lifting heavy debris off himself after being pinned by a collapsed warehouse. Most normal humans would be crushed.
How Strong is Spider-Man?

Spider-Man has proven capable of lifting vehicles, buildings, planes, and other objects weighing hundreds of tons in emergency situations. While his normal strength limits are lower, these feats show how powerful he can become when lives are on the line.


Spider-Man’s superhuman abilities allow him to lift approximately 10 to 15 tons under normal conditions. However, when pushed to his limits, he is capable of lifting several times that amount for short periods. Exact numbers are hard to pin down, but there is no doubt that Spider-Man is one of the strongest heroes in the Marvel universe. While he may not be able to match the raw strength of cosmic entities like Thor and Hulk, Spider-Man’s proportional spider-strength makes him an intimidating opponent for any villain looking to wreak havoc in New York City.

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