Top 10 Strongest Spider-Man In The Multiverse

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Spider-Man is one of the most iconic and beloved superheroes of all time. Since his first appearance in 1962, numerous characters have taken on the Spider-Man mantle across parallel universes, futures, and alternate realities.

Across the vast Marvel multiverse, there have been many who’ve donned the iconic Spider-Man suit. From the bustling streets of New York to the futuristic skyline of 2099, the Spider-Man legacy is vast and varied. But the question that has fans spinning is: Who wears the title of the strongest Spider-Man?

1. The Legacy of Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Top 10 Strongest Spider-Man In The Multiverse

Peter Parker, the original Spider-Man, is the hero that started it all. After being bitten by a radioactive spider, the teenage Parker gained incredible powers like superhuman strength, agility, spider-sense, and the ability to climb walls. Taking on the responsibility of being a superhero wasn’t easy, but Parker’s unwavering dedication to using his powers for good set the standard for all future Spider-Men.

Despite having no formal combat training, Parker consistently proves himself as one of the strongest heroes around thanks to his athleticism, scientific knowledge, and resourcefulness. He can lift and throw objects many times his own weight, smash through solid concrete, and take hits from powerful foes like the Hulk or Thanos and keep fighting. No matter the odds, Parker always rises to the challenge to protect innocent lives, making him the heart and soul of the Spider-Man legacy.

2. Miguel O’Hara/Spider-Man 2099

Top 10 Strongest Spider-Man In The Multiverse

Hailing from the year 2099, Miguel O’Hara carries on the Spider-Man mantle in a high-tech futuristic version of New York City. As a genetically-engineered human with spider DNA, O’Hara has enhanced strength, agility, senses, and can organically produce webbing without web shooters. His unique “Accelerated Vision” also allows him to perceive events at an accelerated rate.

In addition to his powers, O’Hara utilizes advanced gadgets like a wrist-mounted GPS system, anti-gravity flight boots, and a suit woven from unstable molecules for durability. Combined with his genius-level intellect and combat training, Spider-Man 2099 is a formidable hero even compared to his legendary predecessor Peter Parker. However, O’Hara’s futuristic enhancements alone aren’t quite enough to make him the strongest Spider-Man.

3. Miles Morales/Spider-Man

Top 10 Strongest Spider-Man In The Multiverse

After Peter Parker’s death in the Ultimate universe, young Miles Morales takes up the Spider-Man identity. As a spider genetically enhanced by Oscorp, he possesses unique abilities like camouflage, venom blasts from his hands, and the power to temporarily paralyze enemies. This makes Morales a very versatile fighter.

Additionally, Morales eventually gets his own modernized high-tech suit with capabilities like holograms and energy-dampening webs. He may still be a teenager, but with his evolving skillset and cool head under pressure” Morales continues to prove himself as a rising star among Spider-Men. However, his lack of experience leaves him just short of being the most powerful.

4. Ben Reilly/Chasm

Top 10 Strongest Spider-Man In The Multiverse

For a time, Ben Reilly served as Spider-Man after it was believed Peter Parker had died. As Peter’s fellow clone, he shared most of the original Spider-Man’s powers and abilities. Years later as the villainous Chasm, Reilly’s already augmented strength and durability were increased even further.

After subjecting himself to cellular degeneration treatments, exposure to chemicals, and dark magic rituals, Reilly became a highly formidable corrupted version of Spider-Man. With no moral code and incredibly enhanced physiology, Chasm pushed even Peter Parker to his limits in their violent battles. However, Reilly’s insanity and lack of responsibility prevent him from being the greatest Spider-Man.

5. Max Borne/Spider-Man 2211

Top 10 Strongest Spider-Man In The Multiverse

Hailing from over 200 years in the future of the Marvel Universe, Max Borne is the Spider-Man of Earth-9500. As a member of the heroes of 2211 AD, he protects the planet from threats like the Knights of 2211. To aid him, he utilizes a highly advanced Spider-Man suit.

Equipped with four mechanical spider-arms on the back, surveillance drones, an upgraded spider-sense, rockets for flight, and other future technology, Spider-Man 2211 is far more technologically equipped than his predecessors. With his city and era facing even more dangerous villains, Borne’s advanced suit provides him great strength despite his lack of superpowers. However, technology alone doesn’t make him the strongest.

6. Ai Apaec/Dark Spider-Man

Top 10 Strongest Spider-Man In The Multiverse

When the mythological creature Ai Apeac was turned into a Spider-God, he eventually crossed over into the Marvel universe on a quest for human sacrifice energy. Corrupted by his time on Earth, Ai Apaec became a monstrous cannibalistic figure who fought Spider-Man and other heroes. After stealing a Spider-Man costume, he became a terrifying corrupted version called Dark Spider-Man.

With razor sharp fangs that can pierce steel, venomous bites, claws, tentacles, and incredible physical abilities, Ai Apeac proved more than a match for even the Avengers. However, his depraved hunger for flesh and lack of moral compass make this Spider-Man too dark and dangerous to truly be the most powerful.

7. Norman Osborn/Spider-Man

Top 10 Strongest Spider-Man In The Multiverse

Obsessed with Spider-Man’s power, Norman Osborn sought to claim it for himself by recreating the genetically altered spider that gave Peter Parker his abilities. When Osborn transformed into his own version of Spider-Man, he became stronger, faster, and more psychotic than ever.

Already equipped with the strength-enhancing Goblin Formula, Osborn also gained augmented versions of Spider-Man’s powers along with razor-sharp claws and fangs. Additionally, mechanical extra limbs sprouted from his back similar to Doctor Octopus’ arms. With his maniacal persona and sadistic appetite for violence, Osborn used his newfound power to torment Peter Parker and cement his status as Spider-Man’s greatest foe. However, his selfish motivations prevent him from wielding this power responsibly.

8. Dr. Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus

Top 10 Strongest Spider-Man In The Multiverse

After switching bodies with Peter Parker, Otto Octavius set out to prove he could become a “Superior” Spider-Man. Though initially more ruthless in his crime-fighting, eventually Octavius came to appreciate Parker’s power and responsibility.

With his scientific genius and the full capabilities of Peter’s spider-enhanced physiology, Doc Ock modified the classic Spider-Man gear with advanced technology like electronic countermeasures, scanner vision, and anti-sonic batons. However, while the Superior Spider-Man made for an effective vigilante for a while, his methods proved too extreme without Parker’s heart and morality at the core.

9. Selim/Spider-Man

Top 10 Strongest Spider-Man In The Multiverse

When Miles Morales’ clone encountered a magic totem, he gained his own spider-powers and became the second Spider-Man of the Miles Morales universe. Taking on the name Selim, he tried to be a hero just like his genetic template.

Though not as experienced as Miles, Selim possessed all the same spider-based abilities and proved himself against deadly foes like the Scorpion. However, his status as a flawed clone lacking a civilian identity ultimately made it impossible for him to fully follow in Spider-Man’s footsteps.

10. Mac Gargan/Scorpion

Top 10 Strongest Spider-Man In The Multiverse

Primarily known as Spider-Man’s archenemy the Scorpion, Mac Gargan was already equipped with superhuman strength, speed, and a venomous cybernetic tail courtesy of J. Jonah Jameson. But Gargan grew even stronger and more unhinged during his stint as the third Venom host.

With the symbiote enhancing his natural abilities and granting new shapeshifting powers, Gargan joined Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers and proved powerful enough to convincingly pass himself off as Spider-Man. However, the symbiote only amplified Gargan’s madness, bloodlust, and criminal ways – making this another case of a dark twisted version failing to represent the true Spider-Man mantle.


Across multiverses and eras, these heroes and villains make up some of the many versions of Spider-Man. However, for all the genetic alterations, futuristic technology, and dark corruption – none have surpassed Peter Parker when it comes to heart, heroism, and responsibility. No matter how often he gets knocked down, Parker always rises up to carry the burden and expectations of being Spider-Man. And that unwavering perseverance makes the original Peter Parker’s Spider-Man the definitive greatest and strongest web-slinger of all.

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